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A tool that writes tricky TensorFlow expressions for you.
tensorflow tf-coder expressions library
How to Deploy your ML models as Telegram Bots
In this project, I trained a Model to detect mask on people's face and made it available on both Android and IOS through a Telegram Bot. It's deployed on ...
deep-learning fastai telegram-bot heroku
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
In this video I give a brief introduction to Reinforcement Learning.
reinforcement-learning code notebook video
Introducing Streamlit Sharing
Deploy, manage, and share your Streamlit apps for free.
deploy data-science article code
The Cone of Silence: Speech Separation by Localization
Given a multi-microphone recording of an unknown number of speakers talking concurrently, we simultaneously localize the sources and separate the ...
localization source-separation speech-separation speech-recognition
Machine Learning Monthly September 2020
The September 2020 curation of the latest, best and evergreen machine learning materials curated by Machine Learning Engineer Daniel Bourke.
machine-learning newsletter article video
Collection of models and extensions for mobile deployment in PyTorch, built on top of TorchVision and HuggingFace's Transformers.
mobile pytorch torchscript onnx
NVIDIA PyTorch GAN library with distributed and mixed precision support.
generative-adversarial-networks image-to-image-translation nvidia imaginaire
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