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WExDA - Web-based Data Exploration Tool
WExDA is a web-based data exploration tool made with streamlit. It can be used for Exploratory Data Analysis.
visualization data-science exploratory-data-analysis streamlit
Creating Professional Data Visualzations
Learn how to make professional looking charts, the likes of New York Times, using Python and Altair.
visualization altair tutorial article
Toolkit to help visualize - what lies in word embeddings.
embeddings visualization interactive library
Visualization toolkit for neural networks in PyTorch
interpretability computer-vision pytorch flashtorch
Bokeh is an interactive visualization library for modern web browsers.
bokeh visualization code library
The Neural Network, A Visual Introduction
Uncovering the deeper intuitions to build foundational knowledge on neural networks.
neural-networks visualization code video
Large-scale interactive data visualization in Python
visualization pydeck code library
Text Data Cleanup - Dynamic Embedding Visualisation
Identify noisy text in a Machine Translation dataset through dynamic text embedding visualisation.
visualization bokeh clustering natural-language-processing
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