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Top2Vec learns jointly embedded topic, document and word vectors.
topic-modeling document-embeddings word-embeddings embeddings
Lda2vec: Tools for interpreting natural language
The lda2vec model tries to mix the best parts of word2vec and LDA into a single framework.
topic-modeling latent-dirichlet-allocation word2vec embeddings
A Visual Guide to FastText Word Embeddings
A deep-dive into how FastText enriches word vectors with sub-word information
natural-language-processing word-embeddings fasttext embeddings
The Illustrated Word2vec
In this post, we’ll go over the concept of embedding, and the mechanics of generating embeddings with word2vec.
word-embeddings embeddings word2vec video
Practical AI: Using NLP word embeddings to solve localization
Using NLP word vectors (word2vec, glove, etc) in a novel way to solve the problem of localization in edtech.
word-embeddings word-vectors gensim embeddings
BioWordVec & BioSentVec
Pre-trained embeddings for biomedical words and sentences
natural-language-processing bionlp fasttext health
Learning Word Embedding
This post introduces several models for learning word embedding and how their loss functions are designed for the purpose.
word-embeddings embeddings natural-language-processing tutorial
Word2Viz: Explore Word Analogies
Interactive visualization of word analogies in GloVe.
interactive embeddings word-embeddings glove
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