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Zero-Shot Learning for Text Classification
A visual summary of “Train Once, Test Anywhere” paper for zero-shot text classification
zero-shot-learning natural-language-processing tutorial article
Tldrstory: AI-powered Understanding of Headlines and Story Text
A framework for AI-powered understanding of headlines and text content related to stories.
zero-shot-learning text-similarity similarity-search streamlit
Using BERT & other transformer models for organizing RSS feed data
notebook demo code zero-shot-learning
Exploring Knowledge Captured in Probability of Strings
An exploration of simple knowledge captured by language models with code examples
zero-shot-learning natural-language-processing gpt2 transformers
Generalized Zero & Few-Shot Transfer for Facial Forgery Detection
Deep Distribution Transfer (DDT), a new transfer learning approach to address the problem of zero and few-shot transfer in the context of facial forgery.
zero-shot-learning few-shot-learning facial-forgery-detection fraud-detection
A collection of extensions and data-loaders for few-shot learning & meta-learning in PyTorch
meta-learning few-shot-learning zero-shot-learning pytorch
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