Made With ML

MWML is a 100% free platform that's solely focused on enabling the community to learn & innovate.


Trending projects of the day, week or month. All tagged and curated.
Topics A curated collection of the best ML resources by topic.
Collections Personalized list of projects to learn from and share with others.
Lessons details coming soon! Launching early June 2020.


Discover projects with code and blog posts on any ML topic.
Organize projects into meaningful collections to refer to later.
Build projects using what you've learned from others' projects.
Share your projects and profile for future careers or collaboration.

What is MWML?

Not Twitter. Platforms like Twitter are great for initially sharing content but they are ephemeral in nature. Once you post something, people "like" it and then it's difficult to find again unless you happen to save it. And often great projects go unnoticed because they don't get enough "likes".
Not Medium. We will never be behind any kind of paywall and will always be 100% free because this platform is by and for the community. And we will always strive to surface content that is truly useful to others via curation.
Not GitHub. If you want to version code, nothing beats GitHub but it's not the best platform for discovery, let alone discovery for recent ML specific content.
Not LinkedIn. This isn't a recruiting platform for recruiters to spam ML developers. We're currently working directly with ML hiring managers who are using your projects to decide to interview you and then the actual interview will be a deep dive about your projects, not obscure coding puzzles.
Not arXiv. While published research pushes the world forward, you don't have to create polished work to make a difference. We welcome content of all sorts and we find that some of the most instructive content comes from well written blog posts and coding tutorials by hobbyists.
Not a newsletter. While newsletters are great to know what happened the past week, we want to be able to organize the content forever so that others in the future who want to learn can benefit from it. All the content is tagged and curated so you'll always be able to discover the best resources.
Not Papers With Code. PWC is an amazing platform for research and in many ways is complementary to MWML. While PWC tracks research we want to provide a place for researchers and developers to share their practical projects (articles, apps, toolkits, tutorials, videos, etc.) which we see an increasing amount of these days as cutting edge research is very quickly used in projects.

Questions / Feedback

We want to hear from you so if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at, Twitter or LinkedIn.
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