An automatically and constantly up-to-date collection of the best ML resources by topic, curated by the community. This is a dynamic and community-driven solution to static and out-dated awesome-lists. Click on any topic to discover the best Overviews (intuition), Tutorials (clean code) and Libraries (by application) to help you learn and build.


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List of tags to search for very interesting collections.

  • checklist: training and design checklists to follow.
  • illustrated: illustrated guides to popular concepts.
  • annotated: annotated research papers with code.
  • interactive: fun interactive UI projects to explore ML concepts.
  • survey: comprehensive coverage of specific topics.
  • course: free online courses on machine learning topics.
  • notebooks: colab/jupyter notebooks on various topics.

Why not Google or social media?

Google is great if know what to search for but knowing what to learn next is not always obvious and different for everyone. Google also gives the most recent / SEO results which are not always the best resources.
Twitter and Reddit are great if you're looking for recent, trending content. But the best resources for topics can be from the past and it's not tagged or organized so it's difficult to find later.
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