Applications of machine learning in health and medicine such as information extraction from clinical documents or computer vision on imaging reports, etc.


Deep Learning with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems
A comprehensive look at recent machine learning advancements in health.
health deep-learning ehr tutorial
ML Foundations and Methods for Precision Medicine and Healthcare
This tutorial will discuss ideas from machine learning that enable personalization (useful for applications in education, retail, medicine and recsys).
health medicine deep-learning bayesian-deep-learning
Deep Learning Techniques for NLP in Healthcare
A talk discussing the recent advancements of deep learning to facilitate the adaption of NLP in the healthcare domain.
health natural-language-processing deep-learning video
AI in Medicine and Imaging - Stanford Symposium 2020
Through the AIMI Symposium we hope to address gaps and barriers in the field and catalyze more evidence-based solutions to improve health for all.
health medicine medical-imaging stanford


ML for Clinicians: Advances for Multi-Modal Health Data
This tutorial is intended for clinicians and other healthcare professionals who wish to become familiar with recent advances in machine learning in health.
health machine-learning multilayer-perceptrons multi-modal
MT-Clinical BERT
Scaling Clinical Information Extraction with Multitask Learning
health multi-task-learning information-extraction clinical-information-extraction
BERTology Meets Biology
Interpreting Attention in Protein Language Models.
bert healthcare biology health
Stochastic Segmentation Networks
An efficient probabilistic method for modelling aleatoric uncertainty with any image segmentation network architecture.
segmentation health medical-imaging mri


NLP Libraries
A full spaCy pipeline and models for scientific/biomedical documents.
health named-entity-recognition entity-linking clinical
BioBERT: a pre-trained biomedical language representation model
Code for fine-tuning BioBERT for biomedical text mining tasks such as biomedical NER, relation extraction, QA, etc.
health biomedical named-entity-recognition question-answering
Biomedical Entity Representations with Synonym Marginalization
health named-entity-recognition entity-normalization synonym
Med7 - clinical natural language processing for EHR
Med7 is a transferable clinical natural language processing model for electronic health records, compatible with spaCy, for named-entity recognition task
clinical-ner named-entity-recognition spacy healthcare
🏥 Medical Text Mining and Information Extraction with spaCy
text-mining information-extraction spacy health
Clinical BERT
Repository for Publicly Available Clinical BERT Embeddings
bert clinical-bert medicine health
MedCAT - Medical Concept Annotation Tool
A tool used to extract information from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and link it to biomedical ontologies like SNOMED-CT and UMLS.
healthcare named-entity-recognition active-learning semi-supervised-learning
CV Libraries
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