Image Classification

Image classification is the task of assigning an input image one label from a fixed set of categories.


An Intuitive Guide to Deep Network Architectures
Intuition behind base network architectures like MobileNets, Inception, and ResNet.
object-detection image-classification transfer-learning computer-vision


Module 2: Convolutional Neural Networks - CS231n
In Lecture 5 we move from fully-connected neural networks to convolutional neural networks.
convolutional-neural-networks cs231n stanford video-games
Training an Image Classifier in PyTorch
Torchvision, that has data loaders for common datasets such as Imagenet, CIFAR10, MNIST, etc. and data transformers for images, vizualization and data ...
image-classification pytorch torchvision computer-vision


GUI-based software for training, evaluating and applying deep neural nets for image classification
image-classification graphical-user-interface computer-vision image-processing
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