Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning linear equations such as linear functions such as and their representations in vector spaces and through matrices.


Intro to Linear Algebra for Applied Machine Learning with Python
Intro to fundamental topics on linear algebra for machine learning with Numpy and Python. Suited for beginner/intermediate Lvl practitioners. Work in ...
linear-algebra math tutorial article
Linear Algebra Series
This Linear Algebra series is a set of 12 blog posts to provide intuitions/drawing/python code on basics of Linear Algebra.
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Introduction to Differential Calculus
Introduces differential calculus: derivatives, partial derivatives and gradients.
differential-calculus math linear-algebra tutorial
Mathematics for Machine Learning - Linear Algebra
Welcome to the “Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra” course, offered by Imperial College London.
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Essence of linear algebra
A geometric understanding of matrices, determinants, eigen-stuffs and more.
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