Pretrained Models

Models trained on larger datasets ready for out-of-the-box use or for finetuning on your custom datasets.


PyTorch Transformers Tutorials
A set of annotated Jupyter notebooks, that give user a template to fine-tune transformers model to downstream NLP tasks such as classification, NER etc.
transformers text-classification text-summarization named-entity-recognition
Summary of 🤗 Transformers Models
A high-level summary of the differences between each model in HuggingFace's Transformer library.
transformers huggingface summary natural-language-processing


PyTorch Hub
Discover and publish models to a pre-trained model repository designed for research exploration.
pretraining fine-tuning models pytorch
NLP Libraries
All Models and checkpoints - Hugging Face
Massive (and growing) collection of NLP models are nearly any NLP tasks, especially those involving the use of transformers.
pretraining fine-tuning natural-language-processing huggingface
CV Libraries
CoreML Model Zoo
Collection of unified and converted pre-trained models.
pretraining model-hub coreml object-detection
Other Libraries
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