Product Management

Proper design of machine learning systems in production.


What You Need to Know About Product Management for AI
A product manager for AI does everything a traditional PM does, and much more.
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Building Machine Learning Products: A Problem Well-Defined
In this post, we'll dig deeper into how to develop the requirements for a machine learning project when you're given a vague problem to solve.
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Three Principles for Designing ML-Powered Products
Reflecting on a handful of projects at Spotify, we’ve come up with three principles we believe will help others design ML-powered experiences.
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Machine Learning Systems Design
This booklet covers four main steps of designing a machine learning system.
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How to Plan and Execute Your ML and DL Projects
This tutorial presents ways to structure ML and DL projects in a systematic manner.
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Battle-Tested Techniques for Scoping Machine Learning Projects
One of the challenges of managing an ML project is project scoping. Even small changes in data or architecture can create huge differences in model ...
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Data Project Checklist
There’s a lot more to creating useful data projects than just training an accurate model!
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ML Code Completeness Checklist
Tips for releasing research code in Machine Learning (with official NeurIPS 2020 recommendations).
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Share something you or the community has made with ML.
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