Self-supervised Learning

It is still supervised learning, but the datasets do not need to be manually labelled by a human, but they can e.g. be labelled by finding and exploiting the relations (or correlations) between different input signals (that is, input coming from different sensor modalities).


A Framework For Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning
A conceptual framework for characterizing contrastive self-supervised learning approaches.
self-supervised-learning contrastive-learning contrastive-loss pytorch
The Illustrated Self-Supervised Learning
A visual introduction to self-supervised learning methods in Computer Vision
self-supervised-learning computer-vision illustrated tutorial
A Visual Guide to Self-Labelling Images
A self-supervised method to generate labels via simultaneous clustering and representation learning
self-supervised-learning image-clustering computer-vision illustrated


Self-Supervised Representation Learning
What if we can get labels for free for unlabelled data and train unsupervised dataset in a supervised manner?
self-supervised-learning representation-learning generative-modeling object-recognition
Bootstrap Your Own Latent (BYOL) in Pytorch
Practical implementation of a new state of the art (surpassing SimCLR) without contrast learning and having to designate negative pairs.
self-supervised-learning byol simclr code
Self-Supervision with FastAI
A tutorial of rotation-based self-supervision using FastAI2 & PyTorch!
self-supervised-learning fastai pytorch tutorial
A Few Favorite Recipes in Computer Vision & Deep Learning
This blog post enlists a few of my favorite recipes in deep learning in the context of computer vision (as of August 2020).
self-supervised-learning simclr contrastive-learning representation-learning


Self-Supervised Learning - PyTorch Lightning
This bolts module houses a collection of all self-supervised learning models.
self-supervised-learning pytorch pytorch-lightning code
Self Supervised Learning Fastai Extension
Implementation of popular SOTA self-supervised learning algorithms as Fastai Callbacks.
self-supervised-learning pytorch fastai callbacks
Contrastic Learner
A simple to use pytorch wrapper for contrastive self-supervised learning on any neural network.
self-supervised-learning contrastive-loss code pytorch
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