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Build your first data warehouse with Airflow on GCP
What are the steps in building a data warehouse? What cloud technology should you use? How to use Airflow to orchestrate your pipeline?
airflow google-cloud-platforms data-warehouse production
Self Supervised Representation Learning in NLP
An overview of self-supervised pretext tasks in Natural Language Processing
self-supervised-learning natural-language-processing tutorial
How to Train Your Neural Net
Deep learning for various tasks in the domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting using PyTorch 1.0+.
pytorch python deep-learning computer-vision
NLP for Developers: Shrinking Transformers | Rasa
In this video, Rasa Senior Developer Advocate Rachael will talk about different approaches to make transformer models smaller.
model-compression distillation pruning transformers
Neural Topological SLAM for Visual Navigation
Topological representations for space that effectively leverage semantics and afford approximate geometric reasoning.
visual-navigation slam topology cvpr-2020
Translate RegEx in natural language using Deep Learning
A complete tutorial and code on how to build a model able to translate RegEx into natural language.
machine-learning-on-code ml-on-code deep-learning regular-expression
Super-BPD for Fast Image Segmentation
We propose direction-based super-BPD, an alternative to superpixel, for fast generic image segmentation, achieving state-of-the-art real-time result.
image-segmentation super-bpd superpixel cvpr-2020
Taxi Demand Prediction NewYorkCity
Predict the number of pickups as accurately as possible for each region in a 10 -min interval.
time-series-forecasting python time-series tutorial
Self-Supervised Learning -- UC Berkeley Spring 2020
Lecture on self-supervised learning from CS294-158-SP20: Deep Unsupervised Learning.
self-supervised-learning video berkeley unsupervised-learning
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