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From Research to Production with Deep Semi-Supervised Learning
Semi-Supervised Learning (SSL) has blossomed in the deep learning research community — we share lessons learned over 15 months of taking SSL into ...
semi-supervised-learning deep-learning production machine-learning
AI tool for querying natural language on tabular data like csvs and other dataframes.
sql tabular question-answering natural-language-processing
Interact with PyTorch layers using Jupyter Widgets
Build your understanding of PyTorch's ConvTranspose1d layer using interactive visualisations
convolutional-neural-networks padding stride interactive
Simple and fast symbolic regression in Python/Julia via regularized evolution and simulated annealing.
regression symbolic-regression python julia
Colab-cli - sync jupyter notebooks with colab notebooks.
Experience better workflow with google colab, local jupyter notebooks and git.You can now easily manage working with jupyter notebooks and google colab ...
notebook git machine-learning deep-learning
A Principled Approach to Accelerating Graph Neural Network Training.
graph-neural-networks graphnorm arxiv:2009.03294 code
The Maker Philosophy with ML APIs
Practising being a maker with Google Cloud Platform’s ML APIs.
apis gcp vision-api article
GP-GAN: Towards Realistic High-Resolution Image Blending
Blending composite images using a generative model and a Gaussian-Poisson equation with a Laplacian Pyramid
generative-adversarial-networks convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning laplacian-pyramid
Interactive Analysis of Sentence Embeddings
Learn how to interactively explore sentence embedding and labels in Tensorflow Embedding Projector.
natural-language-processing tensorflow-js contextualized-embeddings embeddings
Annotated Research Papers
Finding papers hard to read? Read the annotated version with me
paper code research
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