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Reinforcement Learning Tutorial
Important reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms, including policy iteration, Q-Learning, and Neural Fitted Q.
reinforcement-learning tutorial notebook code
Adversarial Latent Autoencoders
Introducing the Adversarial Latent Autoencoder (ALAE), a general architecture that can leverage recent improvements on GAN training procedures.
autoencoders generative-adversarial-networks latent-space disentanglement
This application designed with streamlit library will help in visualizing NLP tasks on text entered by you.
data-science machine-learning natural-language-processing article
NAG - Network for Adversary Generation [Pytorch]
Generative approach to model the manifold of perturbations that can cause CNN based classifiers to behave absurdly.
generative-adversarial-networks adversarial-attacks adversarial-learning arxiv:1712.03390
PyTorch implementation of Neural Style Transfer, Pix2Pix, CycleGAN, and Deep Dream!
neural-style-transfer pix2pix cyclegan pytorch
Python Implementation of Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction
Plot replications, exercise solutions and Anki flashcards for the entire book by chapters.
reinforcement-learning code book tutorial
Bootstrap Your Own Latent (BYOL) in Pytorch
Practical implementation of a new state of the art (surpassing SimCLR) without contrast learning and having to designate negative pairs.
self-supervised-learning byol simclr code
Advanced Deep Learning for Computer Vision (ADL4CV)
The Visual Computing Group offers a variety of lectures and seminars on a regular basis, covering hot areas in computer graphics, vision, and machine ...
computer-vision course deep-learning tutorial
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