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Made With ML

Applied ML ยท MLOps ยท Production

Join 35K+ developers in learning how to responsibly deliver value with ML.

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๐Ÿ†  Among the top ML repositories on GitHub.
โค๏ธ  30K+ community members and growing.
๐Ÿ› ๏ธ  Highly recommended industry resource.


We never jump straight to code, instead we develop an intuition for the concepts first.
Instead of just discussing MLOps concepts, we code everything (project-based).
It's not just about ML, it's also about software engineering best practices.
Easily extends to all algorithms, data (text, image, tabular), tools, cloud providers, etc.


Learn the foundations of machine learning through intuitive explanations, clean code and visualizations. → GokuMohandas/Made-With-ML

MLOps course

Learn how to apply ML to build a production grade product and deliver value. → GokuMohandas/mlops-course

Who is this content for?

Machine learning is not a separate industry, instead, it's a powerful way of thinking about data that's not reserved for any one type of person.

Software engineers
looking to learn ML and become even better software engineers. ML is integrated into increasingly more products so it's important to know how ML systems operate.
Data scientists
who want to want to go way beyond developing models in a notebook to wrapping them around robust workflows that enable ML systems to improve over time.
College graduates
looking to learn the practical skills they'll need for the industry and bridge gap between their university curriculum and what industry expects them to know about ML systems.
Product managers
who want to develop a technical foundation in MLOps so they can effectively communicate with their technical team and help develop and iterate on applications.

Meet your instructor

Goku Mohandas

Hi, I'm Goku Mohandas

Over the past 7 years, I've worked on ML and product at a large company (Apple), a startup in the oncology space (Ciitizen) and ran my own startup in the rideshare space (HotSpot). Throughout my journey, I've worked with brilliant developers and product managers and learned how to responsibly develop, deploy and iterate on ML systems across various industries.

I currently work closely with early-stage and mid-sized companies in helping them deliver value with ML while diving into the best and bespoke practices of this rapidly evolving space. I want to share this knowledge with the rest of the world so we can accelerate progress in this space.

ML is not a separate industry, instead, it's a powerful way of thinking about data, so let's make sure we have a solid foundation before we start changing the world. Made With ML is our medium to catalyze this goal and though we're off to great start, we still have a long way to go.

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