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Our Mission

We exist to end the hype and educate the community on how to responsibly deliver value with ML.

🌍  Deliver value

How come there's a lot of buzz around ML but we grossly fall short when it comes to deployed ML in real world applications (especially in certain industries). There are many reasons for this, including but not limited to:

  • data: not enough of the right data (most are static but we need streaming).
  • cost: the data, compute, storage and talent resources needed for ML allow mostly large companies to benefit from it.
  • utility: most ML content you see online are gimmicky tasks that can't extend into valuable real world applications.
  • trust: ML needs to be engineered reliably and robustly.

We will steadily address all the issues mentioned above but we're going to work backwards starting with trust. This is why we created our courses to educate the community on how to responsibly develop, iterate and deliver value via applications that are made with ML.


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