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Our Mission

We created Made With ML to educate and enable the community to responsibly develop, deploy and maintain production machine learning applications. While there are many facets to this mission, at its core are the relationships with teams who share this mission. We want to work together to help the community discover and use the best tools for their context and start the flywheel to make the tools even better.


A few numbers that reflect the 100% organic traction we've had over the past few years and the need it's filled in the community for bringing ML to production:


All of our lessons focus on first principles when approaching a concept. This helps develop the foundational understanding to be able to adapt to any stack. But to really solidify the understanding, we implement everything in code within the context of an end-to-end project. This helps understand the implicit value a tool provides and develop the decision making framework for constructing the appropriate stack. And because the community adopts what they've learned for their own use cases in industry, it's imperative that we use tools that can offer that enterprise maturity.

Your product will be deeply integrated into the MLOps course, where thousands of developers everyday will use and assess your product for their industry contexts. All of this visibility and traction is invaluable for industry adoption, standing out in the competitive landscape and using the feedback to improve the product.

We also have many downstream projects in progress to add more value on top of the content (async video course, private community, university labs, corporate onboarding, talent platform).

Join us

If your team is interested in joining our mission, reach out to us via email to learn more!